Track Winter Conditioning

The key to a successful track season begins with winter conditioning. Winter conditioning prepares you for the speed work and track work necessary to run fast races in the spring. Voluntary conditioning practices will begin in February; follow website for details. We encourage you to complete the runs with teammates, on your own, or with East Running Club. Runs may be moved to different days of the week to accommodate your holiday plans, finals, travel, or inclement weather. Official practices begin March 2 and meets the second week of March.

Click here for the holiday and winter training schedule: track winter conditioning

Summer Training

Summer Conditioning

The Angels will meet for summer training at East by the big red E on the following days/times:

Mondays, Tuesdays and  Thursdays:  3:15 pm

Fridays:  Friday Fun Runs TBD.  Always in the mornings, leaving the teachers’ lot around 7:45 am depending on where we go.   

Click here for permissions slips for the Friday Fun Runs Friday Fun Run Permission Slip

If you can’t join the team for conditioning, miss a conditioning session or want more info on summer training, click here:  East High School XC Summer Running Guide 2017-2

xc summer training schedule

Logging Miles

To keep track of your summer milage, go to .  Fun prizes may be given out for running logs.

“Cross country champions are made in the summer.” 


2017 High Altitude Cross Country Camp