Resources for Runners

Some extra resources for high school athletes: We do not always have the time to discuss every topic we would like or complete all the supplemental exercises runners can do to make themselves a stronger runner and diminish risk of injury. Coach Jay Johnson is a professional coach in Boulder who puts on some summer camps for high school athletes and hosts large clinics for coaches that Coach Kohuth and Scudamore have attended. He shares some good videos online.  Athletes and coaches can also sign-up for a free newsletter from his coaching site as well. We think it is some of the best free stuff specific to high school running. Attached are links to videos you can do on your own to improve as a runner.

The first is a link to Strength and Mobility (SAM) exercises that work on your core strength and hip strength and flexibility – keys to efficient running and injury prevention. We know of multiple collegiate programs that use these sets of exercises. Once you learn the exercises, a whole routine only takes about 5 – 15 minutes.  SAM: 

The next link is for a guided visualization to prepare for race days.  Coach Jay does a really nice job with this (though our idea of a relaxing place to do visualization is different than his!). You may need to sign-up for his newsletter list to get access, but we recommend it. (He may try to sell some of his other coaching material and advertise his camps, but the stuff he sends for free is useful, and he does not send other spam). Here is the link: The discount code: athlete 

Lunge Matrix  Click here to view the Lunge Matrix

Leg Swings: ‎ Clock here to view  Leg Swings

We hope you will utilize these resources; we know it will make you a better runner and racer.