Summer Training

Here are some of the materials to get you started this summer:

Summer training schedule 2018 with information on miles each day and each week recommended to meet your goals

East High School XC -Summer Running Guide-2018 with details on how to get the most out of your training.

We use to keep track of your time or miles and to share with your coaches.

You need to register and join the EastXC team, then set your preferences to share with team. At a minimum, you should record every run you do (either minutes or miles run) or how many minutes of cross training you did that day. Commenting on where you ran, how hard or fast you ran, and how you felt during the run will make the log more meaningful. You should also record your race results and best times over different courses and distances in your running log.

Join the Angels for the High Altitude Training Camp.  Click here to sign up: Sign up for 2018 High Altitude Camp. (Those coming will need a notarized Power of Attorney–POA–form, which can be found here: Cross Country POA for 2018-19 school year.

As we look ahead to the regular season, feel free to checkout our 2018 Team Attendance Policies