State Meet Recap | Oct 30, 2021

East Boys 11th at State

 Kruger wins Unified State Race

 Mucharsky and Todd among top-12 Girls in East State Meet History

Beautiful conditions rose over the Norris-Penrose Event Center for the Colorado State Meet on Saturday morning. For the East Angels, represented in three races, the day started well, got even better, and crescendoed in a championship as the sun reached its zenith.

The 5A Girls were the first race of the day, and East was represented by underclassmen stars Rosie Mucharsky and Grace Todd. Mucharsky, the DPS League champion and Region 3 runner-up, positioned herself well for a top-10 finish, coming through the first mile in 5:49 and the second mile in 12:06. The ninth grader would hang on for a 14th place finish (and 3rd among all freshman) in 18:45. Mucarsky’s finish is the 2nd best finish by an East Girl in school history, only behind Lillie Toaspern’s 12th place finish in 2007. Sophomore Todd bided her time through the first mile, coming through in 6:34 and 104th. The Norris-Penrose course will generally award such patience, as the hills come in the 2nd mile; Todd’s patience paid off as she moved up to 84th by the 2-mile mark and finished a strong 69th place in 20:22 – this ties her for 12th among the top finishes at State Meet for East Girls all time. (The team archivist is pretty sure, if not certain, about these records.)

A year ago, the East Boys finished a distant 7th at the regional meet and did not have a single boy who broke 17 minutes for 5K for the season and only three runners who broke 18 minutes. But the 2021 version of East Boys Cross Country was a team that had shown State Meet aspirations beginning at the opening time trial of the season and now showcases three boys who have broken 17 minutes and an additional six who have broken 18 minutes. The Angel Boys Team that toed the line at this year’s State Meet featured exactly zero boys with any State Meet experience but proved to be ready for the moment. “This race rewards runners who run the first mile smartly” had been the coaches’ mantra prior to the meet, and the East Boys proved to be one of the smartest teams on the course. At the mile mark, East was in 18th place with 432 points with senior Eamon Nussbaum (89th, 5:34) and juniors Quinn Higgins (93rd, 5:35) Ian Logan (98th, 5:38) leading the way, followed closely by freshman Jonas Scudamore (5:40, 103rd), sophomore Ben Hopper (5:41, 105th), and seniors David Anderson (5:42, 11th) and Jack Kriekels (5:46, 119th).  By the 2-mile mark Higgins had moved to 46th (11:16), Nussbaum to 50th (11:17), Logan to 73rd (11:28), Anderson to 102nd (11:44), Scudamore to 103rd (11:44), Kriekels 108th (11:47) and Hopper to 114th (11:50), putting the Angels in 15th, having shed nearly 100 points over the second mile. But the Angels were far from done moving their way up the field as Higgins, Nussbaum, Logan, Anderson, Kriekels, Hopper and Scudamore eventually stormed into the rodeo stadium to claim 35th, 41st, 71st, 92nd, 105th, 108th, and 110th respectively to claim an 11th place team finish with 301 points. Only twice in the last 20 years has an East Cross Country team finished better (2012 – 5th place Boys; 2017 – 8th place Girls). Individually, only two East boys have finished better than Higgins and Nussbaum in the last eight years, while Scudamore’s finish was 6th of all freshman boys in 5A.. 

Over the last four years, senior Charlie Kruger has been a constant pillar on Denver East Cross Country. Nobody had been to more practices, gone on more runs, or competed in more races. If you have been around the team the last four years and failed to learn something about running and being a teammate from Kruger, you haven’t been paying attention. In 2020, Kruger’s 11th place (18:22) finish at the DPS League Varsity Championship was key to East securing the team title, and in 2021 his 9th place finish in the JV race was crucial to securing that team title. For most of 2021, Kruger was just outside the Varsity 7, but he would get his chance at the 2021 State Meet his senior year in the Unified Championship, the third and final race in which East would be represented. In front of a frenzied crowd of teammates, coaches, family and friends, Kruger ran to a decisive win in the 1.7 mile race with a winning time of 10:50 and a 17 second margin of victory. It was a fitting highlight on top of a fantastic day and season for Angel Cross Country. 

In order for us to provide uniforms for next year’s team, we must receive every uniform back.  If you haven’t already, please return your uniform after school today (2:10pm) in the counseling center.  We received two uniforms yesterday that were dropped off without names and we have no idea who checked them out.  Even if you give your uniform to Kohuth, you must pin your name on it with a safety pin so we can check it in properly.  Thank you! 

Todd & Mucharsky

Higgins, Kriekels, Logan, Scudamore, Nussbaum, Hopper & Anderson

Kruger after winning the Unified State Race

Kruger on the podium with teammates and coaches

5A Region 3 Championship Recap

5A Region 3 Championships – October 8, 2020

After some races there is a feeling of exaltation. After other races there is a feeling of disappointment. Following the 5A Region 3 Championships at Monarch High School on a warm smoky day, what most of the Angel harriers seemed to be feeling was relief. The East Girls, as expected, qualified for the Colorado State Championship Meet with their 3rdplace finish, and the East Boys, competing with only single runner with previous Regionals experience and not a single senior, demonstrated the tenacity that will make them a threat in the Region in the years to come.

            The Girls got to race first in Louisville, over a deceptively rough course described by Coach Kohuth as “a grinder.” Pomona High School super-soph Emma Stutzman took off from the start and never looked back on her way to an easy and highly anticipated individual win. The lead chase pack consisted of East senior Laura Romero, a couple runners from Broomfield High School, and a runner each from Legacy High School and Fairview High School, with East senior Julia Schor trailing not far behind. This pack would not breakup significantly until the final 1000m of the race with Romero taking 3rdplace in 19:20 and Schor 6thin 19:35. Senior Maya Winfield, who along with senior Abby Howard, had also started in the first wave, came through with a strong 15thplace finish overall in 20:55 with an evenly paced effort. With 3 runners finishing in the top-15, East looked to be in good shape. However, as has been the case with trying to watch these wave start races this year, what was transpiring farther back in the race was hard to decipher. The 2ndwave, which included East junior Annabel Filippini and senior Maya Nussbaumer, had taken off at a scorching pace and the lead runners were clearly making up ground on much of the back half of the 1stwave. East’s runners seemed to have held their competitors close, but two teams (Broomfield and Fairview) had clearly placed more runners in the top-20 and it appeared there were at least 3 teams in the hunt for the final state qualifying spot. To add to the confusion, the initial results shared by the timing company failed to correct for the wave starts. Coaches Fehrman and Scudamore huddled over their phones and manually added up the scores themselves with anxious athletes asking “did we qualify?” The math looked favorable for the Angels, and there was great relief when delayed official results showed that Howard’s 32ndplace (21:48), Filippini’s 35th(22:01) and Nussbaumer’s 37th(22:14) were good enough for a 91-point total and the 3rdand final qualifying spot – 12 points ahead of 4thplace Boulder and 13 points ahead of 5thplace Ralston Valley. 

            For the Boys Team, only junior Eamon Nussbaum would race from the first wave, while the rest of the team started with the second wave. Nussbaum, nursing an injury for the last 2 weeks, ran near the back of his wave and moved up nicely to secure a 16thplace finish in 17:35. Back in the 2ndwave, sophomore Ben Hopper demonstrated poise as he moved steadily up into the middle of the pack to take 31stin 18:24. Led by junior Charlie Kruger, the rest of the East Angels would move up from the very back of the 2ndwave, picking off runners who could not stay with the aggressive pace up front. Similar to the week prior, junior Jack Kreikels would out sprint Kruger in the final stretch, this time taking 36thin 18:58 to Kruger’s 37thin 19:00. Ninth grader Grant Elliott, also nursing an injury in the week leading up to the race, finished 44thin 19:34, while fellow 9thgrader Kai Luna finished 49thin 19:54. The Angel’s 7thplace finish would officially bring this strange season to an end for the Boys. While the Regional finish was a bit humbling, the team exceeded pre-season expectations. The entire team returns in 2021, and the East Boys look likely to defend their DPS League title for a 4thconsecutive year and well positioned to threaten for a State qualifying spot.

            On Saturday, October 17, the Girls will look to repeat their top-10 Colorado 5A finish from a year ago. The Colorado State Meet returns to the Norris-Penrose Event Center where the Girls will race at 4:45pm in a meet limited to 4 waves of 25 athletes. Among other changes to this year’s meet, spectators and all but 2 coaches will be limited to the Bear Creek side of the course. Follow the website for more details on the race and spectating options as we learn more. 

Click here for complete results:  5A Region 3 Championships – Results

DPS League Championship Meet

Championship running is different. Thoughts of running personal best times have to be set aside to execute the team strategy. And when the going gets tough, when things are not going according to plan, when the runner knows they might be having less than their perfect race, the runner has to grind it out the best they can to hang on to every place and every point to help their team reach their ultimate goal. There were some stellar performances by the Angels on Friday at Central Park; and there were some performances that were probably less than what some athletes had hoped for going into the race – but every athlete gave it all they had all the way through the finish line, and that was enough to bring home both team titles for Denver East High School.

            The Angels have mostly avoided serious injuries this season; good summer conditioning is generally good for that. However, going into the DPS Championships it was unclear whether East front runner Eamon Nussbaum was going to available to race due to some persistent “runner’s knee” pain. The junior was able to toe the line and execute his race plan – conceding the first two places to Charlie Welch (15:53) of George Washington and Ian Kleinschmidt (16:26) of Northfield to battle it out against a runner each from GW, South, and North for places 3rd– 6th. Nussbaum gamely finished 4thin 17:17, despite dealing with an injury all week. Meanwhile East sophomore Ben Hopper was having the best race of his young career, racing to a 7thplace, All-City 1stTeam, and finishing in 17:58 – and importantly, a single place ahead of South’s #2 runner. With the first eight runners across the finish line, East, South and GW each had 2 runners in and it was clear that it was going to be a close team race.

            Spectators and coaches could be forgiven for not knowing exactly how scores were shaping up at this point; half of each team was running in the second wave 2-minutes back. But with East junior Charlie Kruger leading the second wave most of the way, and teammate and fellow junior Jack Kriekels not far behind, East fans were growing more confident that a team title was within reach. Kriekels would eventually pass Kruger in the final stretch for 10thplace in 18:21, while Kruger was rewarded for his effort with a personal best 18:22 for 11thplace (this after the times and places for waves one and two were combined). East Angel Grant Elliott had lost contact with his usual racing buddy Hopper early in wave 1, but would hold on for 14thplace overall in 18:30 as the top finishing 9thgrader in the race and wrap up East’s scoring total at 46 – ahead of George Washington with 54 and South with 69. Fellow ninth grader (and the 3rdfrosh across the line) Kai Luna finished 26thin 19:40.

            Prior to the start of the season, it may have seemed a foregone conclusion that the Angels Girls would dominate DPS meets. Afterall, East was returning most of a team that had finished a historic best 8thin the Colorado State Meet in 2019, and were 3-time returning DPS League champs. South and GW had different plans, having put together strong seasons that have landed both teams in the top-10 in State 4A rankings, and included South beating the Angels just 6 days prior to the Championship meet.

From the first mile of the race it was clear that the race was going to be tough battle in which the runners were going to have to fight and scrap for every point. At one mile senior Laura Romero had planted herself in her usual spot at the front of the lead pack along with the top South runner and GW’s top two runners. Senior Julia Schor was uncharacteristically gapped from this lead group, while senior Maya Winfield was racing a bit further back in a pack that included South’s 2ndand 3rdrunners and the top 2 runners from North, with the 3rdrunner from GW and a single runner from Northfield in between Julia and this chase pack. Meanwhile, in wave 2, East senior Abby Howard shared leading duties with South’s #4 runner, with senior Maya Nussbaumer and junior Annabel Filippini in close pursuit along with the fifth and sixth runners from South and GW. 

            By the end of the second mile, it was becoming clear that it was now a 2-team race with several of the GW runners having dropped back. At 2 miles it was clear that Schor had paced herself well as she had caught and easily passed the top 2 GW runners to take a decisive hold on to 3rdplace, while Romero and South’s Anna Wexler continued to battle up front. Winfield’s pack of two North and two South runners continued to hang together a bit back of that in places 8th-11thfor wave 1. Howard and South’s #4 separated themselves from the rest of the second wave of runners and were chased about 10 seconds back by the trio of Nussbaumer, Filippini and South’s #5. These groupings more or less stayed the same all the way through most of the 3rdmile, and it became a matter of who could close the fastest for critical places. In a frantic final 300m, East’s Laura Romero outkicked Wexler for the individual championship in 18:40 and Howard outkicked South’s Grace McClung to win wave 2 and take 12thoverall in 20:39. Those two finishes proved decisive. With Shor’s 3rdplace finish in 19:11, Winfield 14thin 20:45, and Nussbaumer 16thin 20:49, the Angels snatched the Championship by single point, 46-47, over South while GW was just a handful of points back with a total of 53. Filippini finished 17thin 20:50 (ahead of South’s 6thrunner by 3 places, which would have been enough to break a tie in East’s favor had the teams been tied after the first 5 runners). 

            The Varsity teams have just six days to catch their breath before the next challenge: Thursday’s 5A Region 3 Championship at Monarch High School – Girls race at 10:45am, Boys at 11:45am. The top three teams and top 2 individuals qualify for Colorado State Meet on October 17. Due to COVID-19 meet scheduling and limitations, the Angels are in the unusual position of having not faced any of their Region 3 rivals this season. Fairview, Broomfield, Boulder, Monarch and Legacy could all present a challenge to the East Girls team which hopes to improve on last year’s finish at State. Ralston Valley and all the aforementioned Boulder County schools have excellent boys teams who will be a formidable obstacle to East’s young boys team. It will be a fun and exciting meet!

Cohort 1 Quad Recap and Race Results | Virtual Running Club

Recap and Race Results

South-Green Mountain-Golden-East Varsity Quad Meet

On a perfect morning for racing, Denver East, Denver South, Golden High School and Green Mountain High School took on each other and a road course around City Park deliberately designed to produce fast times for the final regular season race of the year.

In the Boys race, Green Mountain star senior Graham Tuohy-Gaydos put on quite a performance running the 6thfastest time in the history of the state of Colorado for a high school boy, blazing to a time of 14:57. This is only the 7th time a high school boy has run under 15 minutes in Colorado and one of only three times a high schooler has run that fast on a course other than the net downhill Liberty Bell/Heritage High School course. Golden’s top runner took second place a full 65 seconds behind, in 16:02 – a time that wins most races in Colorado. East junior Eamon Nussbaum would again lead the Angels – he continues to knock on the threshold of breaking 17 minutes, this time running a very respectable 17:06 for 6thplace. Ninth grader Grant Elliott and sophomore Ben Hopper would work their way up the pack in the final mile together, as has become their habit, finishing in personal bests of 17:49 and 17:50 respectively for 11thand 12thplace. Junior Jack Kriekels also finished strong, placing 14thas he equaled his personal best of 18:02.  Ninth grader Kai Luna bested his high school pr by a full 30 seconds, running 18:22 for 18thplace. Coming up from the second wave of runners, juniors Charlie Kruger ran 18:26 for 20thplace, Owen Congdon 18:42 for 26thplace, Allan Harder 18:55 for 27th, Josh Bruggeman 18:56 for 29th, and ninth grader Conner Beardsley 19:04 for 30th– all personal bests! Green Mountain dominated the team competition, scoring an impressive 25 points. Golden was 2ndwith 45 points, followed by East with 61 and South with 91.

The Girls race served up some fast competition as well. Angel senior Laura Romero stayed with South’s undefeated junior Sara Wexler for 4800m before launching her kick over the last 200m to win the individual race for East with a time of 18:56. Senior Julia Schor came up not far behind for 3rdplace in 19:12.  Meanwhile, a pack of girls from South moved up nicely over the last mile to grab places 7th, 9th, 11thand 12th, which would be good enough for the team title with 41 points, to 46 points for Golden and 53 for East. Maya Winfield was 10thplace for East in 20:12, Annabel Filippini 18thin 21:08, and Maya Nussbaumer 21stin 21:15. This was the East Girls first loss of the season and first loss to a DPS rival in several years.

On Friday, East’s Varsity teams will head to Central Park for the DPS League Championships. The young and surprising East Boys Team heads to the meet as a slight favorite to take the title for the third straight year ahead of preseason favorite South. The East Girls Team, at full strength, will be co-favorites with the South Girls as the Angels try to secure their fourth straight team title. For the individual titles, George Washington’s sub-16 minute runner Charlie Welch looks poised to take his first league title after an 8 year streak of East runners taking the title, with East ready to place as many as three runners on the All-City 1stTeam led by Eamon Nussbaum. East’s Laura Romero and Julia Schor will battle for the individual title against Northfield’s Riley Buese and South’s Anna Weller, while Maya Winfield and Abby Howard will look to join them on the All-City Team.

Thank you to our volunteer course monitors, Wendy Kriekels, Patrick Winfield, Wendy Hoffer, David Harder and Laurel Kruger.  We have the best parents and siblings!

Complete Results: Boys Results   Girls Results

Keep running with the Virtual Running Club

While covid ended most people’s xc season early, it doesn’t mean we have to stop running and having fun.  The VRC welcomes cohort 1 and 2 runners as their seasons come to an end.  We have some fun community 5Ks coming up and, of course, a Halloween 5K with costumes!  Click here for more info and how to join the VRC:  Virtual Running Club (Cohort 3)  


Thomas Jefferson-Northfield-East Varsity Triangular Recap & Details for 9/26 East Meet

Triangular Recap

The Thomas Jefferson High School coach reportedly measured the 5000m course at James Bible Park five times – so the fast times run by the Cohort 1 Angels on a warm and hazy day at the TJ-Northfield-East triangular must be legit. Most of the course was run on the hard packed Highline Canal Trail,  a trail known to produce fast times at other big meets during a more normal season – think Liberty Bell course at Heritage High School at which the Colorado State all time fastest time by a boy was set last week by Parker Wolfe of Cherry Creek High School.

Northfield star senior Ian Kleinschmidt ran away with the boys’ race, literally winning by minutes. It was a tighter race for 2ndfor more than 2 miles as East junior Charlie Kruger went back and forth with a runner each from Thomas Jefferson and Northfield. In the end, Kruger would have to settle for 5thplace in a time of 19:10. Kruger was followed by an uninterrupted parade of Angels: 9thgrader Conner Beardsley in 19:19, senior Xander Pacini in 19:25, junior Josh Bruggeman in 19:31, and sophomore Ian Logan in 19:53. The depleted boys team, with over half of the team having competed at the Ram Charger meet on Tuesday, managed to beat the Northfield varsity team 28-35, followed by TJ with 65.

In the girls’ race, East seniors Laura Romero and Julia Schor ran shoulder to shoulder with Northfield’s Riley Buese for over 2 miles. Buese would finally pull away for the win, running under 19 minutes for the first time in her career.  Romero would grab second place in a personal best time of 18:39 with Schor also pushed to a personal record of 18:48 for 3rd. Maya Winfield ran largely on her own for the entire race to take fourth place in a seasonal best 20:01. A second Northfield runner would cross the line in 5thbefore the parade of Angel girls finished consecutively in places 6ththrough 10th: senior Abbey Howard (20:28), junior Annabel Filippini (20:48), senior Lilia Scudamore (21:01), senior Grace O’Meara (21:14), and 9thgrader Sophia Shiroff (21:26). The East girls easily took the team win with a mere 22 points, remaining undefeated for the season, ahead of Northfield with 39 points and TJ with 85.

The regular season for Cohort 1 culminates on Saturday, September 26thwith a home meet against Denver South, Green Mountain, and Golden. We will set up a fast course and will have electronic timing. Boys race at 8am and Girls at 8:30am. We need parent volunteers for course monitors, so please come out next Saturday to support your Angels.  Click here to volunteer:  Course Monitor Sign Up

East Meet Details

East Meet 9/26/20


Currently the park is closed to all motor vehicles, so there will only be typical weekend morning foot and bike traffic. For parents and athletes that means they should park at East, either on the Esplanade or they can park in either the teacher or student lots in front of the school, off of 16thAve.


Please ask parents to stay back off the roads and sidewalks where athletes are running. We ask that they be masked, even though there will likely be many other park visitors unmasked. They will have a good view of the race from near the City Park Pavilion, giving them a view across and lake and an opportunity to move to the soccer field to see the finish if they choose to.


We will start the boys’ race at 8:00 and the girls at 8:30. We should have a wide enough start area that all runners in each wave will be able to spread out.   The second wave in each race will start exactly two minutes after the first wave.  Please make sure your athletes are there in time to do the required COVID check-in procedures.  Coaches can pick up their packets starting at 7:00 near the start area.


The race will be timed by Whitney from 3W Races and results will be sent to MileSplit.  The race will be live-streamed at: Racin Rams Live Feed


Here is a link to the course map—it is a simplified variation of the course we have used for JV meets this season:

Please let me know if you are unable to open the link and I will share it directly.

It is 2 x 2500m loops on park road and sidewalks. Flat and fast.


We will have medals for the top five runners in each race

Ram Clash Recap and Results | Cohort 2

Cohort 2 got its first real taste of serious competition at the Ram Clash on Tuesday night. The course near the APEX Center in Arvada gave us a little bit of everything from road and sidewalk, to dirt hills, wood chips, and single track – true cross country. The racing started off with a speedy first mile in the boys race, but the Angels collectively used some strong second miles surging on hills to really put themselves in positions to race in mile three. While heat affected some of the boys performances, some solid closing at the finish yielded a second place team finish, and top-20 finishes by David Anderson (4th), Elliott Brumbaugh (13th), Jameson Leigh (14th), Jay Cory (16th), and Marcus Burnett (20th).

Running in the second race, the girls followed their typical pack strategy that has carried them to a lot of success so far. Collectively taking the first mile at a more controlled pace, everyone moved up consistently throughout the race and it was looking like we were going to run away with the win as Sophia Charles (1st) ran to the win, Sasha Bull (2nd) held off a late charge for second, and Grace Burnett (6th)  was just edged out to finish 6th. In a surprise though, some of the wave 2 runners paced through the wave 1 runners, and despite placing 6 more runners in the top-20, Bri O’Meara (11th), Claire Ely (13th), Alia Quinby (14th), Helen Miller (16th), Ellie Goldstein (17th), and Clara Artley (19th), we were edged by just 2 points in the final scoring 31-33 by race host Green Mountain.

But with a pair of second place finishes and some really fast times, we have a lot to celebrate about today, and to look forward to going into our final race of the season on Saturday against Northfield.

Complete Results:

Boys Results:

Girls Results:

Cohort 2 Recap and Details for Ram Clash Meet

Cohort 2 Recap

Cohort 2 had to two very successful days on our home course with Saturday’s race against Northfield, and yesterday’s race against South. Both races played out very similarly, and given the pristine conditions Saturday morning, and the hazy, smoky conditions, yesterday that’s saying something about the untapped speed many of our runners are discovering they have.

On Saturday in the boys race, the lead pack got out quick and led the race throughout. A patient first mile translated into a 30 second victory for David Anderson, followed by Nathan Turner, and Elliott Brumbaugh. The rest of the boys all finished well also, with our top-11 having a pack time of 1:08.

In the girls race Sophia Charles and Sasha Bull took the lead out early. But a smart race by Grace Burnett kept her just back of them for most of the first two miles, before capturing the lead and securing her first win of the season by seven seconds over Sasha. The middle of the pack saw some impressive jockeying for the finish over the final mile as runners 4-10 finished within 38 seconds of each other.

Complete Results Northfield East Dual

Last night, the boys race duplicated their effort, resulting in another perfect score. David Anderson secured his third straight victory, but the real stand-out performances were by Charlie Keglovitz (3rd), who finished with a career PR of 20:00, and Liam Cook (4th) in 20:21; both runners moved up several spots over Saturday’s finishes.

On the girls side, Sophia Charles set a blistering pace early, and wasn’t challenged to the finish for her first victory of the season, and bettering her Saturday time by 25 seconds. Grace Burnett came in second followed by Sasha Bull. Claire Ely and Bri O’Meara, who have been pushing each other throughout the season rounded out our top-5, with Claire just outkicking Bri at the finish, both shaving off 18 and 30 seconds respectively on their Saturday times.

Thank you to all of the current and alumni parent volunteers for helping with the East South Dual meet.  Cathy Daley, Jason Keglovitz, Sara and Tom Cook, Erin Egan, Michelle Miller and Jen Artley came out yesterday to help make this meet happen!  There is a reason East XC has amazing student athletes, they come from great parents!

JV South at East Results 9-17-20-2

Ram Clash Details: 

Boys Entries for Ram Clash (ranked for entries)*

  1. David Anderson
  2. Nathan Turner
  3. Elliott Brumbaugh
  4. Charlie Keglovitz
  5. Jameson Leigh
  6. Jay Cory
  7. Liam Cook

*These athletes will need to be released at 1:30 for a 3:15 race time in Arvada.

Girls Entries for Ram Clash (ranked for entries)**

  1. Sophia Charles
  2. Grace Burnett
  3. Sasha Bull
  4. Claire Ely
  5. Bri O’Meara
  6. Helen Miller
  7. Evelyn Higgins

**These athletes will need to have a 2:15 early release for a 4:00 race time in Arvada.

It would be a good idea for these athletes to ask their teachers if it would be possible to attend the morning session of synchronous learning on Tuesday, Sept 22 since the boys will miss almost the entire afternoon and girls will miss their entire second class. 

Meet Location: APEX Center 13150 W 72nd Ave Arvada, CO US 80005

Tues 9/22 – JV – Boys 3:15 / Girl 4:00

Restricted Area
There will be a restricted parking area that is for teams/officials/volunteers only.  There will also be a restricted area that will contain the start/finish line along with the team camps.

We ask that you request your parents and spectators cooperate in respecting this restricted area and also emphasize how important it is to avoid future meets being cancelled this season.

Spectator Parking
There will be parking for spectators also in the southwest area of the APEX Center parking lot.

Spectator Viewing
Masks must be worn by all spectators at ALL times when outside their vehicle.  Spectators must socially distance between family units at all times.

On the map we have provided recommended spectator viewing areas that will allow spectators and parents to see athletes on the course multiple times.  These areas will also minimize impact on public trail use along heavily used Ralston Creek Trail.


APEX Center 13150 W 72nd Ave Arvada, CO US 80005

Follow up – Angel Invite

Thanks to everyone, the Angel Invite was a successful meet!  The dozens of parent volunteers made the meet go as smooth as possible.  We are so grateful for our parents and their willingness to help the team!

Here are some stats from our meet:

  • We hosted 28 teams (including East)
  • 561 runners finished the Angel Invite
  • In our fundraising efforts, we made $153 from the Kona Ice Truck, $260 from Chipotle and $190 from merchandise sales!
  • We had over 48 parent volunteers, 8 coaches, 2 operations volunteers, 2 DPS athletics employees, 2 East mountain bike team members, 2 athletic trainers, an athletic director and an East administrator.  All of whom worked seamlessly together to make the Angel Invite happen.
  • Last but not least, we had our amazing East Angel xc runners.  Of course, they are accomplished runners, but they also were excellent hosts to their guests from the other 27 schools.

We have the honor of hosting the regional meet on Friday, October 18.  Now that we are warmed up, let’s do this again!  Please volunteer by clicking here:  Volunteer Sign Up for Regional Meet  School will not be in session on Friday, Oct 18.

Thank you for all you do for the Denver East Cross Country experience!


Recap: Aug 24-25 Cheyenne Mountain and Ram Run

Finally, the East Angels got to start competing. This week’s Varsity and JV-1 teams traveled to the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede to preview the State Meet course against some of the toughest competition in 5A. In fact, of the 20 teams entered, the Girls 5A race featured five of the top-10 teams in the preseason poll and two of the top-10 boys teams battling it out over 5 hilly kilometers on a warm August day in Colorado Springs.

The Girls JV were the first to take to the course. While the JV race was not officially scored, it looked to be a close battle between runners from Denver East, Cherokee Trail, and Fossil Ridge. The Angels had three of the first twelve runners to cross the line, led by sophomore Lilia Scudamore in 22:31, followed closely by senior Lily Cory in 22:43 and sophomore Alana Marie Barros in 22:47. Senior Emily Turner crossed the line in 23:33, ahead of Grace O’Meara, Reese Brogden, and Ellie McWhirter, who each broke 24 minutes over the tough course.


The Varsity Girls race immediately followed the JV. Sophomore Abby Howard and junior Anna Lucy Buddenhagen led the Angels to a 9th place finish of the 20 teams, finishing in 37th and 42nd place respectively with times of 21:52 and 22:01. Junior Elena Thoman finished in 22:30 for 60th place, while sophomores Maya Nussbaumer and Julia Schor rounded out the scoring in 54th (22:52) and 59th (23:02). Making her high school debut, Ellison Mucharsky-O’Boyle finished in 66th in 23:31.

Later in the afternoon, it was the JV Boys turn to toe the line. After more than three tough miles, junior Ballard Kauffman would be the first Angel to cross the line, in time of 20:09. Sophomore Cyrus Jenkins-Nieto would closely follow in 20:14, and senior Jack Thompson would be the next Angel to finish, in 21:39. Junior Taylor Lucas and 9th grader Nick Virnich would also come in under 22 minutes.


For the Varsity Boys, it was juniors Will Daley and Asher Hoyt moving up smartly in the second half of the race to snag podium finishes of 9th and 10th place with times of 17:10 and 17:11 respectively. The next three Angels came across the line separated by only 13 seconds, as sophomore Xander Pacini finished 69th in 19:09, junior Elijah Bruggeman in 72nd in 19:12, and 9th grader Eamon Nussbaum in 79th in 19:22. Junior Riley Nickols survived a fall during the race to finish in 93rd in 19:46, and Jack Beardshear finished 111th in 20:34. The Boys, like the Girls, finished 9th of 20 teams.

The following day, East’s JV-2 scrimmaged against Golden High School and Green Mountain High School at the 10th annual Ram Run 5K hosted by Green Mountain –  where the Angels in attendance saw more hills over 5K than they might see at all the meets for the rest of the season combined. Top performances were turned in by Paul Buffington in 24:04, Kerra Hendrickson in 24:59, Alia Quinby in 25:03, Marcus Burnett in 25:04, Alex Schor in 25:24, and Clara Lorenzo in 25:49. Coaches Miller, Fehrman, and Scudamore also ran the course well. A special shout out to parent Renee Supplee who not only came to pick up the tent, but also dropped a 24:48 for 5K!

Next weekend brings us the Washington Park Invitational on Thursday for most of the team, while Varsity and JV-1 go to the Centaurus Invitational on Saturday.