Friday Fun Run ~ Sanitas | Newest Angel | Log your runs |3rd & 4th of July practice

Friday Fun Run – Sanitas with Coach Delaney!

After a great fun run last week with Coaches Fehrman and Orwig, we will go on our next destination fun run this Friday, June 30.  Here is what you need to know…

We need to organize car pools for the Friday Fun Run on June 30.  Click here to let us know if you can come and if you or your parent/guardian can drive.

  • Meet in the teachers’ lot at 7:45 am.
  • If you are closer to Sanitas in Boulder, meet us at  Map to Sanitas (Canyon Blvd and Pearl St in Boulder)  at 8:45 ish am.
  • We will park in the Settler’s Trailhead lot, aka the Red Rocks Trail lot.  We will not be in the Mapleton Lot for Sanitas. 
  • Have your parent or guardian fill out this permission slip Friday Fun Run Permission Slip  Bring this to one of the coaches or email to Ruth (
  • Wear a watch and sunscreen.
  • Bring 1 or 2 water bottles

First Friday Fun Run!    Note:  Green Mountain was actually green!

Newest Angel

Coach Fehrman and his wife had their baby on Saturday – the day after the Green Mountain Fun Run!  Mom and baby are doing well!  We are glad the baby waited until after the Green Mountain fun run to arrive.  He will probably be a runner!   Congratulations to the Fehrmans!

Log your runs! 

Gus and Emily were the winners in the first drawing of the running logs.  They will each receive a gift certificate.  The next drawing will be on July 16.  If you haven’t already , go to and sign up under EastXC.

Q:  Can I retroactively enter my runs from earlier this summer?

A:  Yes!  Please do!

Practice for 3rd and 4th of July

Due to the 4th of July landing on a Tuesday, we will not have summer conditioning on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4.  Feel free to run on your own, with a friend, your dog or a family member.  We don’t recommend running with your cat or bird.  For your workout, please refer to the

xc summer training schedule


Summer Training

Summer Conditioning

The Angels will meet for summer training at East by the big red E on the following days/times:

Mondays, Tuesdays and  Thursdays:  3:15 pm

Fridays:  Friday Fun Runs TBD.  Always in the mornings, leaving the teachers’ lot around 7:45 am depending on where we go.   

Click here for permissions slips for the Friday Fun Runs Friday Fun Run Permission Slip

If you can’t join the team for conditioning, miss a conditioning session or want more info on summer training, click here:  East High School XC Summer Running Guide 2017-2

xc summer training schedule

Logging Miles

To keep track of your summer milage, go to .  Fun prizes may be given out for running logs.

“Cross country champions are made in the summer.” 


2017 High Altitude Cross Country Camp