Preparing to Watch a Meet

We love to have parents and other fans at our meets!  This website also provides race information including directions to the meet site.  When parents arrive at the meet, they should first find East team camp.  After you find our camp, you should locate the start and finish lines.  We usually have extra course maps at our team camp to help our fans get oriented.  Many schools share our red and white uniform colors, so try t observe differences while teams are warming up before the start.  Be aware that most meets feature 4-5 separate races (or more) with numerous teams and last about 2 hours.  Awards ceremonies frequently extend the length of a meet for another hour or so.

During each race, fans can move from point to point along the course to cheer runners as they pass.  Be careful, however, to stay off the runners’ path and out of their way.  Running alongside a competitor to pace or encourage him or her is not allowed.

After crossing the finish line, the runners file through a finish chute where they are handed a place card.  It’s OK to greet athletes in the chute, but their team responsibilities are not yet completed. As soon as possible after finishing they must turn in their place card to one of the coaches so that team scores can be tabulated. In addition, we expect our athletes to jog and cool-down and actively support their teammates who have yet to race.

Most athletes are quite fatigues immediately after finishing their race and may even feel nauseated from the exertion.  But after a few minutes they will be energetic enough to discuss their race and attend to their responsibilities. Water is the best thing to drink immediately after a race.  The team brings water to the meets, but each athlete should bring snacks and a filled water bottle with them to the meet.  We ofter arrive back at east will past dinner-time, 7:30-8:00 PM.

Once an away meet is over, it is important that parents not take their son or daughter home without first notifying a member of the coaching staff.  We are responsible for athletes’ safe transport to and from the meet. Athletes are not allowed to drive themselves to a meet, and afterwards they must travel home either in the nus or with a parent ( or other adult with written permission from a parent).