City Championship Update

Thanks for everyone who has volunteered to help and to those of you who are cheering on the runners. A couple important updates.

The high school championship is set as planned. The first race is at 3:15.

Due to transportation problems, the middle school championship has been postponed and will not be held on Monday at City Park. Details on a new date should come from DPS soon. Middle school parents should check with their coaches and athletic directors and can also email, the DPS middle school athletic director.

East is planning on having a FUN RUN at  5:00 in City Park for any middle school runners or family members who want to run the 3000 meter course through the park. The event is free and open to anyone who wants to run, and may be not be officially timed.

Please pass this on to anyone who has a middle school runner who may not have heard about the change.

Monday should be a beautiful day for running and spectating. We hope to see you soon!