JV Meet Re-Cap

Cohort 2 took on GW at Lowry Sports Complex on a sunny Saturday morning. In race one, with both teams thinned by holiday weekend travel, our eight Angels took on one GW boy in a race that was led from start to finish by our whole pack. Pushing each other the whole way, David Anderson (1st – 19:56) and Charlie Keglovitz (2nd) paced the team with a nice bit of pack running until David pulled away on the last half lap to secure his first career win by 15 seconds. The rest of the boys followed suit, with Marcus Burnett (3rd) and Quinn Higgins (6th) running side-by-side, followed by Jameson Leigh (5th) and then another pack of Ethan Burk (4th), Jay Cory (7th), and Liam Cook (8th) just a few seconds back. Our final six fought each other for placing on the back-stretch through some soggy grass that slowed potential PR times, but all finished within 25 seconds of one another, each under 21:20.

In race two, our Angels had a bit more competition and heat to contend with, but still faired well. Following the model of the boys, the girls got out quick and pack-ran the whole way, with eventual winner Sasha Bull (1st – 22:57) and Sophia Charles (2nd) running side-by-side throughout. They were pursued by Grace Burnett (3rd), Bri O’Meara (4th), and Claire Ely (5th) who rounded out the top-5, and secured a perfect score for us. After a GW runner came through we got back to work by having the rest of our runners finish seventh through twelfth. On the final half loop Helen Miller (7th) pulled thirty seconds ahead of the pack she had run with and was followed to the finish by Alia Quinby (8th), Clara Artley (9th), Evelyn Higgins (10th), Ellie Goldstein (11th), and Clara Lorenzo (12th).