Cohort 1 Runners and Families

The cohort 1 race will be around the Mile High Loop in City Park—we will have the fastest group of runners start near the Thatcher Fountain, the next group 500 meters down the trail, the next group 500 meters farther, for a total of five groups.  Each group will start simultaneously, and finish at the same point they started.  We feel that this will enable us to start everyone at the same time, instead of having two heats, and will give each group someone to chase ahead of them.  We want to keep the starting groups around three to nine runners and pretty well-matched.  Each start line will have a timer, and times will be put together for the final result, which we will get to Beth to post on MileSplit.  Runners will need to follow all CHSAA guidelines for racing—having masks on at the start line, removing them when the race starts, and putting them back on after the race, once you have moved off the course and away from others.

The boys race will begin at exactly 8:00, the girls around 8:30, once the course and start/finish areas are clear.  We are a permitted event, but there may be people in the course, and we will need to pass them safely and politely (giving ample clearance).

We can use volunteers to help with timing, marshalling, and whatever else needs to be done.  Spectators and volunteers will need to have masks and be physically distanced as much as possible.