Info for the Virtual Running Club

Our next virtual running club meeting will be Monday, Aug 24 at 6:00pm.  Here is the link for the meeting:   Please spread the word!

VRCs, if you haven’t already, please join Final Surge.  Here are the directions to sign up:

Click on Final Surge to keep track of your time or miles and to share with your coaches.

or click here on your phone: Download from the App Store Android Play

After you join Final Surge, email Coach Kohuth at so he can add you to the team.

Log your workouts (running and cross training) on final surge as soon as possible.

From Coach Delaney…

Hello running club members! I’m very excited to be working with you! I was impressed with your efforts on Tuesday on a very hot and still somewhat smoky day.  All of us are very upset that we all can’t be together as ONE cohesive team this season. Many of you have worked very hard this summer and many of you also religiously logged your training efforts and are disappointed that you did not make the “top 25” this season.  I don’t blame you and I would be concerned if you were not disappointed.  This is even more disappointing for the seniors in our group!  Unfortunately, disappointment is a part of life that rears its head more often than we like, but there is always a silver lining.  For our group of seniors, in addition to further developing your running, this is a leadership opportunity for you and helps me and East Cross Country develop your teammates for the track season and cross country next fall.  We will also depend on the seniors to help organize and run this group. This opportunity will to develop your leadership skills as well.

Like we did this summer, we will have weekly google meetings, but on Monday afternoons at 6:00 pm.  It would be great if you all could meet and run with each other starting on Wednesday, Aug 26, say on M-W-F at 4:00, in the field north of the statue @ City Park, but this must be done socially and physically distanced!  While running, you do not have to wear a mask, but must remain 6 feet away from each other and as always, respect other park users when running as a group and resect the social/physical distancing of those others as well.  While stretching and doing drills, we must wear our masks.  We will need to follow the same Covid-19 rules that CHSAA and DPS have established for our sport this season.

We will have our virtual meetings every Monday at 6:00 pm, beginning 8/24, just to keep the momentum going. We will work on running goals, may have some additional special guests on occasion as we did this summer, and some socially distanced pre-race picnics in the park.  We hope to also compete in some local races as well.  I suggest we at least continue to meet on Mondays at least through the State Championship in mid-October.  In the past, the running club that meets through the late fall until we have the annual snow-shoe trip just prior to track season.

I hope you all decide to participate in this opportunity.  I’m very excited to work with you!


Coach Delaney