Nighthawk Twilight Meet

Bus leaves East at 4:00 pm

Entries for Nighthawk Invite

Bring blankets and/or warm clothing.

Nighthawk Invitational

Friday, September 28th, 2018

This race will take place under the lights at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park Complex.  The course will finish inside the Stadium and will be run primarily on pavement.  Please plan accordingly.  Spectators will be allowed to view the race from the course and can also view the finish from the stadium seating inside Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  The race, including the start, finish, team camp and parking area is spread out over about a quarter of a mile.  Please plan accordingly (Parking and Finish Line area are in close proximity).   Click here for Course Map

Directions and Parking Info for Dick’s Sporting Goods Park: VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION

All bus and spectator parking MUST be in the north dirt lot off Prairie Parkway.  Click here to view this area on the map.  Northfield Nighthawk Area Map Many of the roads coming into Dick’s Sporting Goods Park will be CLOSED.  The only way to access parking will be off Prairie Parkway.  The ideal way to access Prairie Parkway will be off Quebec St.  Head east on Prairie Parkway off Quebec St. to access the dirt lot reserved for Cross Country Event Parking.

SCORING & PLACING: Running Bears will be timing our race. 


 4:30 pm        Middle School Coaches Meeting

5:00 pm        Middle School Girls Race (unlimited -score Top 5)

5:20 pm        Middle School Boys Race (unlimited -score Top 5)

5:45 pm        High School Coaches Meeting

6:00 pm        High School Girls Open Race (unlimited -score Top 5)

6:30 pm        High School Boys Open Race (unlimited -score Top 5)

7:00 pm        High School Girls Varsity Race (run 7 -score Top 5)

7:30 pm        High School Boys Varsity Race (run 7 -score Top 5)

* Awards will be given to the top 10 runners in each of the Varsity High School and Middle School races.  Top 3 runners in the High School Open races will receive awards.   

* The top teams in each race will receive a team trophy/plaque.