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Please find the captain nomination form below:


We want your input for team captains!

All returning cross country runners should nominate one or two juniors or seniors to be team captain for our 2023 cross country season. In your nomination, please describe how your nominee exemplifies the attributes of leadership and dedication described in our values. You may nominate yourself. Nominations are due by June 9. Coach Kohuth will review all nominees and make his selection by June 16. Please return the form distributed tonight or submit a nomination online or by email to Coach Kohuth:  

Things to keep in mind when nominating a teammate:

Our Captains should embody the best of Denver East Cross Country’s values. A great captain…

  • Believes you and the people around you are capable of greatness and understands it must be earned daily.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in body language and talk.
  • Is invested in the mission of the Team.
  • Is respectful of teammates, teachers and coaches: on time; doesn’t play around at meets; does the assigned workout at best effort; passes on positive energy to teammates; conducts drills and warm-ups and post run work (core/stretching) correctly; looks for ways to help younger athletes; holds themselves and teammates accountable to team standards.

“Is our #1 Teammate.”  (Not the #1 runner but being the best teammate – the teammate that changes someone’s day, week, season, life for the better).

Click here for the Nomination Form: Captain nomination

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