Car Pool, Tent and Labor Day Weekend Runs

Car Pool: If you need a ride or if you can give a ride to the Arapahoe Meet, please click HERE If you aren’t on this car pool list, we will assume you have transportation. Drivers and riders should meet on Detroit St, close to the door by the lunch room. Please call or text Coach Spano, 303-525-3829, if you have questions.

If you haven’t returned a car pool permission slip, click HERE. After you fill it out, email it to: or give it to Coach Kohuth.

Tent: We need a parent to bring the tent home from Arapahoe and bring it to the next meet, Liberty Bell. If you can help out the team by doing this, click HERE.

Labor Day Weekend Runs:

We will not be meeting for official practices over the Labor Day weekend. Here are the workouts you should do on your own or arrange to meet with teammates. 

Saturday or Sunday: Easy long run. This run should be equal to the longest run you have done this summer or this season (60-90 minutes for most runners).

Monday: Start with a 15 minute warm-up; then run 15 minutes at threshold (threshold is a medium-fast pace, about 10-20 seconds per mile slower than your 5K race pace);  then 2-3 minutes of recovery running at an easy pace, finishing at the base of a hill (could be Museum Hill, Cheesman, Esplanade, or equivalent); then 6-8 x 200m (or about 40 seconds) uphill sprints, with recovery between sprints being a jog back to base of hill; finish with a15 minute cool down run.