Regional Team workouts and practices

Thursday 10/14: regular practice at 3:45pm

Friday 10/15: no official practice. Workout to be completed on your own (or get together with teammates on your own). 

Fartlek run – 10 minute warm-up; then alternate sprinting at 90% effort for 40 seconds and running maintenance pace for 80 seconds (total of fast interval  + recovery = 2 minutes). Do this 6 times (6 fast segments and 6 maintenance segments); after the 6th sprint, run 5-6 minutes at maintenance pace, then repeat (6 x 40 second sprint, 80 second maintenance pace).  Do a 10 minute cool down run. 

Saturday 10/16: 50-55 minute maintenance run

Sunday 10/17 : rest

Monday 10/18: regular practice at 3:45pm.  Fast and fun!

Tuesday 10/19 and Wednesday 10/20: regular practice at 3:45pm

Thursday 10/21: Regionals!