City Park 5K Race Details

Hi City Park 5K Runners!

Here are the details for the City Park 5K.

Pre-race picnic:  Friday, Nov 6 at 5:30 pm.  It will be dark, so bring a flashlight or head lamp, your picnic, something to sit on and wear your mask.  Be sure to social distance at all times during the picnic.

Race day:  Let’s meet at the E on Saturday am.  Due to Covid restrictions, unfortunately, we cannot be in the same wave.

If you are in the 8:00am wave, meet at the E at 7:15.  8 AM – Waves start (8:00, 8:02 & 8:04)  Cool down will include cheering on the 9am group.

Lillian McGlothlen – 8A 
Jane Port – 8A
Jeffery Delaney – 8B
If you are in the 9:00am wave, meet at the E a 8:15.  Warm up will include cheering on the 8am group.  9 AM – Waves start (9:00, 9:02 & 9:04)
Ben Hopper – 9C
Steven Kohurth – 9C
James Todd – 9C
Kai Luna – 9B
Annie Morse – 9A
Charlie Hite – 9B
Charlie Kegkovitz – 9B
Wendy Kreikles – 9B
Jack Kreikles- 9B
Grace Todd – 9B
Devin Morse – 9B
Charlie Kruger – 9B
Ruth Spano – 9B
Remember to bring your own water bottle and follow all covid guidelines.  City Park 5K Covid Safety Protocols
If you signed up for this race, but don’t see your name on the list, please text Ruth at 303-525-3829.