State Meet Info

The State meet is Saturday, Oct 17 at the Norris Penrose Event Center, 1045 Lower Gold Camp Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80905  Our race is a 4:45pm. Athletes need to arrive by 3pm and meet at the parking circle in front of stadium entrance.

We encourage families, teammates and fans to cheer on our athletes, either in person or via live stream.   A mask must be worn at all times by spectators, coaches and those athletes that are not participants in the race.

Spectator Attendance

Please see the “State XC Site Map” below. Spectators must remain in the “Spectator Area” indicated on the“State XC Site Map”.  Spectators are also allowed on the Bear Creek side of the course. Spectators will not be allowed at the start or finish. You can access the event livestream by clicking  HERE.

Spectator Parking

For those spectators planning to watch the meet from the allowable areas at Norris Penrose or the Bear Creek side of the course, please see the  “State XC Site Map” for parking locations. The available parking locations are indicated on the map in the black outlined areas. Parking for these lots is $10. Spectators will need to walk through Norris Penrose to get to Bear Creek Park. Cars that park at Bear Creek Park East will be ticketed/towed.

State XC Site Map


I-25 Construction – There are several places where there is construction going on along I-25. Please plan accordingly.

Course Map

The course map can be viewed by clicking HERE.