5A Region 3 Championship – State Qualifying Meet | Cohort 1

Cohort 1 runners and fans, please mark your calendars for the 5A Region 3 Meet.  If you use google calendar and haven’t added the XC Calendar yet, click here and click on the icon that looks like this .  Your xc life will become easier!

WHEN: Thursday October 8th

WHERE:  Monarch High School

RACE TIMES: 11:00am GIRLS    12:00pm BOYS

COURSE:  2k Loop, mixture of grass, some dirt and some sidewalk

FORMAT: With 12 teams we will only be able to run 6 athletes per team to stay under the 75 athlete limit.  We will have to run three waves with 24 athletes per wave.  Based on the course layout we can space the waves by 3min for the girls and 2min apart for the boys so everyone will be on course at the same time.  We will have to either 1) break up the team members and run 2 athletes per wave or 2) seed the teams in some fashion which would be tricky.