Ram Buster Meet Results & TJ meet info | Cohort 1

Here are the results from the Ram Blaster Varsity Meet at the NAAC:

Eamon Nussbaum            17:49.10

Benjamin Hopper             19:32.3 

Grant Elliot                         19:54.1

Jack Kriekels                       20:10.0

Kai Luna                               20:11.40

Owen Congdon                 20:13.1

Allen Harder                       20:31.40

 The Angels ran well on tired  legs and the toughest course we have faced so far—Eamon Nussbaum ran a smart race to finish third and the team finished fourth.  A very good showing three days after the last race.  As Allen Harder accurately stated—this race was about putting in the work.

Full Results for Ram Blaster

Up next, Cohort 1 Angels vs TJ on Thursday, Sept 17.

The meet will take place at Bible Park (6802 E Yale Ave.). The boys are scheduled to run at 4:30, and the girls are scheduled to run at 5:15— although if everyone is okay with it, the TJ coach thinks we can move the girls up to 5pm.  Course map is shown below.  The start is at the green dot and they will run clockwise around the perimeter of the park 1.5x and then cut in and end behind the baseball field near the start line.