It was a four race weekend!

The Angels participated in four different races this weekend.  Here is how it went:

Cohort 1:

Cohort 1 split off into two races this weekend.  

Adam’s City:  Adams City Girls Results

East-North-West Triangular at Garfield Lake Park:

            Denver West High School hosted this Triangular on a beautiful morning for racing at another new cross country venue for the Angels – three laps around Garfield Lake Park in southwest Denver.  North is the last team in DPS in recent memory to have beat East’s girls in cross country.  What the North Vikings lack in depth they generally make up for in high quality front runners and this year is no exception.

            In the Boys 5k race, junior Eamon Nussbaum battled back and forth with North’s top runner, eventually taking command over the last 800m to win in a time of 17:01 – his third personal best of the season. Nussbaum was followed by 9thgrader Grant Elliot in 3rdplace (17:53) and sophomore Ben Hopper in 4thplace (17:55), both dipping under 18 minutes for the first time this season. Junior Jack Kriekels nearly dipped under 18 minutes, placing 5thin 18:02.  After a couple additional North runners crossed the line, the Angels swept places 8ththrough 14thwith 9thgrader Kai Luna (18:52), senior Xander Pacini (19:02), juniors Allen Harder and Josh Bruggeman (19:11 and 19:16), 9thgrader Conner Beardsley (19:23), and sophomore Ian Logan (19:28). The Angel boys remain undefeated, solidly beating North 21-38 on Saturday.

            In the Girls race, a depleted East squad, with most of Cohort 1 competing at Adams City, gamely pushed a very good North Viking team. Senior Grace O’Meara initially went out with the top North runners, before giving up a little ground to finish in 3rdin a seasonal best 21:27. Fellow Senior Lilia Scudamore came up for 4thplace in 21:42. Junior Gemma Haller closed with great finishing sprint to grab 6thplace in 22:17 and senior Kerra Hendrickson followed in 8thplace with 22:33. The Angels were a runner short of a full scoring team, so conceded the team win to the worthy North Vikings team.

            On Tuesday, Nussbaum, Elliot, Hopper, Kriekels, Luna, Harder and Kruger will head to the Ram Blaster Invite at the North Area Athletic Complex in Arvada – race time 2:30pm. Everyone else in Cohort 1 will practice at East.

           On Thursday, the rest of Cohort 1 will run a Triangular Meet against Northfields HS and Thomas Jefferson HS and Cohort 2 will host South High School – check the website for details of these meets.

Cohort 2

JV Northfield Nighthawks @ East Angels Results

September 12, 2020


  1. David Anderson (EA) 19:33
  2. Nathan Turner (EA) 20:03
  3. Elliott Brumbaugh (EA) 20:13
  4. Jameson Leigh (EA) 20:30
  5. Charlie Keglovitz (EA) 20:30
  6. Marcus Burnett (EA) 20:35
  7. Jay Cory (EA) 20:35
  8. Quinn Higgins (EA) 20:36
  9. Jack Rianda (EA) 20:36
  10. Liam Cook (EA) 20:41
  11. Sammy Berman (NN) 21:25
  12. Ben Whitney (NN) 22:15
  13. Justin Green (NN) 22:21
  14. Frank McGinn (NN) 22:22
  15. Finn Egan (EA) 22:24
  16. Zachary Holsinger (NN) 22:25
  17. Bode Mathes (NN) 24:42
  18. Dom Matera (NN) 25:33
  19. Evan Englefolchert (NN) 28:36


  1. Grace Burnett (EA) 22:03
  2. Sasha Bull (EA) 22:10
  3. Sophia Charles (EA) 22:28
  4. Claire Ely (EA) 23:42
  5. Bri O’Meara (EA) 23:55
  6. Alia Quinby (EA) 23:58
  7. Helen Miller (EA) 24:00
  8. Clara Artley (EA) 24:11
  9. Evelyn Higgins (EA) 24:12
  10. Ellie Goldstein (EA) 24:20
  11. Clara Lorenzo (EA) 25:19
  12. Hannah Priddy (NN) 25:39
  13. Kelsey Dennis (NN) 25:45
  14. Tuesday Ness (NN) 28:32
  15. Regan Hayes (NN) 28:33
  16. Samantha Stelloh (NN) 28:57
  17. Katie Olson (NN) 29:05
  18. Cassidy Johnson (NN) 29:09
  19. Elisabeth Hispa (NN) 32:19
  20. Maddie Covington (NN) 32:20
  21. Lee Weselman (NN) 36:02
  22. Bella Putnam (NN) 36:02
  23. Nya Taylor (NN) 36:07

Cohort 3 (virtual running club)

The Denver 5K at Sloan’s Lake

Grace Todd 22:53.2
Jonas Scudamore 23:14.7
Conrad Branch 23:26.4
Brandon Ogin 23:26.5
Devin Morse 23:58.0
Lila Port 24:15.3
Kendall Ogin 25:42.1
Charlie Hite 27:43.3
Jane Port 27:58.7
Lillian McGlothlen 29:13.3