A limited Cross Country season has been approved by DPS and CHSAA

We are very excited to announce we finally have the go ahead to start CHSAA Cross Country on Wednesday, August 12.  Please know we continue to live in a time of change and if at any time Health department guidelines change or state/local guidance shifts we will adjust our plans accordingly.

Several items to remember:

  • Only students who have completed their registration and have an updated physical ( Physical-Form-English, Physical-Form-Spanish) on file are allowed to participate.  This includes try outs and practice.  Family ID for registration is open and current physicals should be uploaded into familyID.  In order to tryout for the team,  registration on  Family ID must be completed and your physical must be uploaded to Family ID before August 12.
  • We will have tryouts during the week of August 17.  Our tryout will be a 5K time trial in City Park.  Details on dates and times will be provided in the near future – after tryouts, we can have no more than 25 male athletes and no more than 25 female athletes on the  2020-21 cross country  team.  During try-outs social distancing must be maintained and students will be scheduled for tryouts in a way that there is no question that social distance is happening.
  • Each day we will be required to complete a personal health assessment and a health assessment for each athlete, this paperwork needs to be documented and submitted to our athletic director.  This paperwork must be accurate in case we need to complete contact tracing.
  • Practices will not exceed 90 minutes –competition should fall under expected time guidelines.
  • Mask and social distance guidelines need to followed at all times.  Additionally, all local and state guidelines must be followed so please stay updated on the most current information.

If you have questions, please ask them on our google doc and the coaches will respond.  Don’t be shy, many others probably have the same questions as you might have. questions about the 2020 xc season