Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

Hey Runners,

See how many of these you can spot/achieve on 1 run.  Contest ends on 7/7/20 at 5:00pm.  Enjoy!!

10 American Flags

Fireworks of any kind



Ice Cream



Inflatable Swimming Pool

People playing in the sprinklers or having a water fight

Black Lives Matter Sign

East 2020 Sign

Political Yard Sign

Someone with fantastic running form

Someone running staircases

Someone doing a hill workout

Someone doing a speed workout

Someone wearing East gear

One of your teammates running (can’t be with you)

One of your coaches running

The Capital Building

Washington Park

Cheeseman Park

Congress Park

City Park

Any of the DPS High Schools (1 point for each)

A time of over 60 minutes on your watch

A distance of over 8 miles

Negative splits over the whole run