Centaurus on Saturday 9/1

Jack Beardshear
Elijah Bruggeman
Sam Crippen
Will Daley
Asher Hoyt
Cyrus Jenkins-Nieto
Ballard Kauffman
Taylor Lucas
Riley Nickols
Eamon Nussbaum
Xander Pacini
Eden Scott
Jack H Thompson
Ian Trautwein


Alanamarie Barros
Amelia Brogden
Anna Lucy Buddenhagen
Lilly Cory
Claire Ely
Abigael Howard
Ellison Mucharsky-O’boyle
Maya Nussbaumer
Grace O’meara
Laura Romero
Julia Schor
Lilia Scudamore
Emily Turner
Lindsey Weyant


from the organizers:

The meet takes place at, and around, Waneka Lake Park, which is nestled in a dense neighborhood in Lafayette. While street side parking is available, it is limited. With the influx of the many high school teams, middle school teams, and community members, finding parking will be a challenge. I highly recommend simply navigating to, and parking in, any of the lots at Centaurus High School, and then walking through the neighborhood to Waneka Lake. It is a pleasant ~1km walk, and will save you the added stress of finding street parking.

This effort also helps keep the streets easily navigable for emergency vehicles.

Handicapped parking, staffed by a volunteer, will be available near the start line and bus drop-off at 1600 Caria Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026.

information from organizers: Info_Centaurus Cross Country Invitational

Course map: HS 5km Course Map_Centaurus Invitational

Venue map: Venue Map_Centaurus Invitational