Attendance Policy

As we head into the competitive season it becomes increasingly important that athletes attend all practices. We would like to remind the team of the attendance policy, as posted on on the policy page of our website. Specifically:
  • Athletes missing a practice for a non-medical or non-academic reason will not be eligible to compete on Varsity that week but may be considered for JV competition. 
  • Athletes with two or more absences in a week, excused or unexcused, will not compete in any race that week. 
  • Athletes who do miss multiple weeks of races due to multiple unexcused absences will not receive PE credit. 

Excused absences are limited to academic conflicts, injury/illness (with note from parent, trainer or doctor) and medical appointments (please make routine dental, orthodontic, and medical appointments outside of practice times whenever possible). Missing practice due to activities that cannot be scheduled for a time outside of practice (other after school activities, work) will only be excused at the coaches’ discretion and with prior approval. Limited exceptions to this policy may be made for students showing evidence of completing the team workout outside of the regularly scheduled practice time. 

Correction from the 2nd annual time trial & alumni run recap.  Ira Weiss is from the class of 2016, not 2018.  We apologize for that, but think Ira might appreciate this mistake  several years from now.