City Park Survey


We forwarded a link to provide input on the City Park remodel in hopes that you can weigh in to make sure that the high school runners don’t lose access to key parts of the park. Parent and volunteer coach Dave Scudamore made some notes that we thought might useful to share in case in terms of what might impact our ability to use the fields. You should, of course, look at the drawings and draw your own conclusions of what will best meet community needs.

Here are Coach Scudamore’s thoughts:

We need to warn team of threats to XC course and what few areas there are to train at City Park:

#6: we do not want the fields in the southeast corner of the park to become a protected “natural meadow.” Preserve places for kids to run and play informally in the park instead.

#8: Option number 3 reduces car traffic the most – probably in the interest of runners.

#11: Option 1 or 3 (I prefer 3), both have 6’ crusher fines trail for running.

#13: Do not select option 4. We have 2 fields in the whole park we can use – the rest are reserved for soccer, ultimate, etc. If the SE corner becomes “Natural Meadow,” one of our fields, and a big chunk of our home course, are taken from us. 

Open feedback for survey: see above, mainly #6 and #13.

Thank you for taking the survey and helping to keep City Park user friendly for the East XC Angels!  http://: