State Meet Details

Practice on Thursday, Oct 26 at 3:15.  Meet in 225 (counseling office).

Arrive at East teachers’ parking lot on Friday, Oct 27 at 1:15.

Leave East at 1:30 pm

State Meet Itinerary

Be sure to bring warm clothes for before and after your race.  Hats, gloves and blankets might be good ideas. Bring healthy snacks. Since the races are early we won’t have a team breakfast, bring what you want to eat, if anything, for breakfast.  We will stop for lunch on our way out of town, bring about $10 for lunch and money for any race souvenirs or concessions you might want to purchase.

Coach Delaney has done some research and reported that this is the first time in 23 years that the girls team has gone to State.  He thinks this might be the FIRST time both teams have ever gone to State together.  Congratulations to the East Cross Country team and coaches of 2017 – you are making fabulous Angel history!  We want to get used to this new trend of sending both teams to State!!