This (last) week in cross country

This Monday is, according to captains, the “funnest” practice of the season. Dress appropriately for running outdoors.

Monday night will be the last athlete potluck at the Weber home 1563 Lafayette Street. This is intended to be dinner for all the athletes who show up, so please come with food to share. Please bring enough food or drink for 8-10 people (pastas, salads, pizzas, buckets of chicken, lasagnas all work well and should be inexpensive).

Runners who are attending should bring items to share as follows:

9th—main course

Parents:  If you are looking for something interesting to do while your runner is potlucking, there will be a DPS School Board Candidate Forum on Monday, Oct 9 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at East High School in the Commons (cafeteria).   The event will be hosted by the East Angel Friends and Alumni Foundation.  Learn about the different candidates running for At Large and Districts 3 & 4 (East HS is in District 4) seats on the board. Information on Go Bond and the Green Roof Initiative will also be available.

This Tuesday will be the City Championship, which East is hosting. You can still sign up to help out here.

Note: if you ordered a senior shirt, they will arrive this week. Please bring $15 on Tuesday and see Harrison.

Here’s to a great last week of the regular season!