A chance to keep running– for good

In case you are looking for another occasion to run with Angels (or on the side of the angels), here is your chance. As some of you know, the Scudamore family annually organizes a fundraising team to benefit the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. For the fifth year, we are putting a team together to benefit the Coalition at the Holidays 5K. For the past several years we have been the largest team, one of the teams raising the most funds for the coalition, and are the only team that is more than half young people. Many of you are longtime members. We would love to keep building momentum, raise funds to support the Coalition, and increase awareness of the work they do in our community.

Saturday NOVEMBER 5 at City Park.

When you register select JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM and then select MITZVAH MANIACS. If the team does not appear on the pull-down menu, be sure the type the team name MITZVAH MANIACS in the space below and someone will make sure you are added.

Then shortly thereafter, send an email to jareich424@gmail.com to communicate that you are joining the team. You will get your very own team shirt, an invite to our team party, and a bragging rights forever more.

This is open to everyone: runners, walkers, parents, siblings, friends… the more the merrier. Really. You can REGISTER HERE.

Contact Harrison Scudamore or Jennifer (jareich424@gmail.com) with questions, need for clarification, or expressions of raw enthusiasm.

We hope you will join in!