Cheyenne Mountain Results

Our own Harrison Scudamore (Junior) led the Angels by winning 1st place with a blazing fast time of 16:09 at Cheyenne Mountain on Friday. Click here for the boys 5A results.

The girls finished in 7th place and was led by Nell Salzman (Junior) who ran a screamin’ fast time of 21:18 and placed 13th in the girls 5A race. The girls team finished 7th overall. Click here for the girls 5A results. 

As Coach Kohuth explained Thursday night, the Angels, no matter where they finished, ran the toughest race they could run.  They will continue to do this each week throughout the season.    “It doesn’t get easier, you just get faster.” ~ Greg LeMond

To view photos of the race, click this link Cheyenne Mountain Photos

We can wait to see how the rest of the Angels run at Green Mountain today!