Parent Involvement

How Parents Can Help

The team relies on parents for a wide range of tasks– big and small. You can sign up to help at this link.

Additionally, we need help transporting our team tent from meet to meet. If you can help, please click here, Tent Transport Sign Up

Other ways to help:

  • Excuse all absences in advance with one of the coaches.  The attendance office does not inform coaches of excused school absences.  Athletic absences may be excused in advance by the athlete or his/her parents by notifying a coach with a phone call or voice mail, a note left in one of the coaches’ school mailboxes, or by dropping by their class rooms
  • Be mindful of team practice/racing schedules when arranging appointments and family trips.  Team Calendar
  • Attend meetings and meets! Meeting announcements will be posted on this website throughout  the season. Spectators are always appreciated.
  • Take digital photos, print or slides to contribute to the  shared site where they can be part of meet recaps, the end-of-season slide show or the season summary. Add them to our Shutterfly account.
  • Volunteer to transport our team tent.  Tent Sign Up
  • Organize fund raising activities.
  • Donate equipment, money, or time to the team.
  • Make sure your athlete has a pair of new (or nearly new) running shoes.  Running shoes last for 300-500 miles.
  • Consider buying your athlete a digital wrist watch (running watch).  These may be purchased for as little as $25 at a store such as Target.

Questions, suggestions, or expressions of enthusiasm?

Email Ruth ( or Jennifer (