Answers for new families (to the questions you might have)

What does it mean that we need team pictures?

Over the years we have found that parents take great pictures at meets, and not necessarily just of their own student. We have a team dropbox and hope that you will take pictures at meets and share them. Any parent can add to the dropbox and all parents are welcome to look through and even download photos they like. You do not have to be a professional photographer and don’t even need a great camera. Some of our favorite photos come from phones. Please consider snapping and sharing.

 There are three meets this week? Will my student run in all of them?

At the beginning of each week, the coaches will talk with the runners and tell them which meets they will be competing in. The season goal is to run in about 10-11 meets, though it might vary for your runner. So you may want to hold the scheduled meet times, and know that your runner will likely not attend them all.

Where can I find upcoming information about the team?

We try to keep the website up to date and to also email out information each week. We also don’t want to overwhelm you. Check the website for information on photos, uniforms, t-shirts, orders, schedules, upcoming camps or outings, and even information about the sport itself (since many of us did not grow up running xc). There are also training plans to help your athlete set goals for her or himself. If you have questions, feel free to email or and we will try to find an answer. Also, if you information to share, please let us know that too.

Who is invited to team dinners?

Parents alternate hosting a potluck for runners. These are a great way to build team solidarity and have fun together outside of training. Because there are over 90 runners, we unfortunately do not have room for parents too. All team members are invited to come. Of course, we expect that homework and studying are your athlete’s first priority and do not expect them to come if there are better uses of their evenings. We also anticipate dinners go from 6-8 to ensure all runners get a good night sleep before meets.