Practice Monday, North Viking and Rim Rock Entries

Practice will start today at the back of the Auditorium at 3:45pm.

Below are entries for North Viking Invitational at Case Willis Golf Course on Tuesday and Rim Rock Invitational on Friday (JV) and Saturday (Varsity). Entries for Saturday’s Northfield Nighthawk Invitational will be posted on Wednesday.

Athletes racing at Rim Rock on Friday will run North Viking as a workout. Coach Kohuth will review the plan with athletes on Monday and Tuesday. 

Athletes racing Rim Rock on Saturday will have normal practice times through Wednesday. 

All other athletes will race Tuesday (Viking) and Saturday (Northfield) with normal practice times the rest of the week. 

North Viking

Boys Varsity

Kai Luna (workout)

Ben Hopper (workout)

Tobias Penner (workout)

Garrett Johnson (workout)

Finley Steed (workout)

Charlie Keglovitz (workout)

Abraham Morginsky 

Boys JV

Ben Brown (workout)

Finn Egan (workout)

all other boys not racing at Rim Rock (Kansas)

Girls Varsity

Evelyn HIggins (workout)

Lila Cypers (workout)

Bri O’Meara (workout)

Avery Ash (workout)

Anna Rothman-Haji 

Mary Clare Nussbaum (workout)

Helen Miller (workout)

Girls JV

Meara McBride (workout)

all other girls not racing at Rim Rock (Kansas)

Rim Rock – Lawrence, KS

Boys Varsity (Saturday)

C Hobert

J Scudamore

I Logan

H Bennett

H Hittle

C Beardsley

Q Higgins

Boys JV (Friday)

Kai Luna

Ben Hopper

Tobias Penner

Garrett Johnson

Finley Steed

Ben Brown

Finn Egan

C. Keglovitiz

Girls Varsity (Saturday)

R Mucharsky

G Todd

S Shiroff

S Chomas

S Bull 

J Ochoa

K Brown

Girls JV (Friday)

E Higgins

L Cypers

B O’Meara

A Ash

Mary Clare Nussbaum

Helen Miller

Meara McBride



St. Vrain Invitational 2022

Some meets feel more mysterious than others. At the St. Vrain Invitational at Lyons High School on Saturday, items were weirdly disappearing from athletes midrace. East Angel runners lost a shoe, a hat, a pair of prescription glasses, and at least a couple hair ties. Maybe it was the dust and wind. Maybe it was just Boulder County.

What was less mysterious was the excellent racing that happened there. St. Vrain tends to be as competitive as the Liberty Bell Invitational the week prior, even as it is run over a much different course – loose dirt and grass and a few modest hills. With two nationally ranked teams in both the Girls and Boys races (Niwot and Mountain Vista) plus all of East’s relevant regional competitors, this race at the midpoint of the season was going to be a meaningful challenge. 

The Colorado #8 ranked Angel Girls raced first.  One of the cool features of this meet is that there are timing mats near the 1 and 2 mile marks allowing someone online to follow how the race develops or to look back on how well an athlete moved up during the race. Angels’ lead runner sophomore Rosie Mucharsky moved up superbly from 24th to 12th to a final finish of 9th place in 19:06. Junior Grace Todd raced similarly smartly, going from 53rd to 33rd to 29th in 20:03, while junior Sophia Shiroff moved up to 35th at the two mile mark from 56th before finishing 37th. Ninth grader Scout Chomas (20:38) moved up steadily from 59th to 50th to 46th at the finish. Junior Sasha Bull finished 79th in 21:15, while ninth grader Julieta Ochoa moved all the way from 110th to 87th to a 82nd place finish in 21:18, with classmate Kairine Brown holding on for a 102nd place finish in 21:40.. Teams at St. Vrain get to race 10 in the varsity race. The balance of East’s varsity squad crossing the line included sophomore Lila Cypers (22:10) moving up to 117th from 139th; Anna Rothman-Haji (22:19) holding on for 122nd; and senior Helen Miller (22:28) moving up to 131st from 145th. Denver East had what was probably the best finish ever for the team at this meet, placing 5th of 28 teams, behind only nationally ranked Niwot (42 points), Mountain Vista (53 points) , state ranked Fossil Ridge 149 points , and Fairview High School (153 points).  

The Angel Boys, also ranked #8 in Colorado 5A, also demonstrated some smart running. Senior Corbin Hobert led the way again for East, in a race in which he moved up from 16th place at the mile to 8th at two-miles to an impressive 7th place finish in 16:00. Sophomore Jonas Scudamore (16:51) ran from 58th place to 33rd to 32nd at the finish, while senior Ian Logan held on for a 51st place finish in 17:16. Freshman Henry Bennett (17:19) had one of the more impressive progressions going from 78th to 67th to 53rd, while senior Henry Hittle (17:38) went out in 76th place and held on for 77th. Junior Connor Beardsley (17:58) raced from 95th to 91st while classmate Kai Luna (18:16) held on for 112th. The East Boys bonus varsity runners were Ben Hopper (18:20, 117th), Tobias Penner (18:28) moving up to 125th from 148th; and Ben Brown (19:50, 199th). The Angel Boys finished 7th of 34 teams with 206 points – a very strong finish all considered. Perhaps eye-opening for our ambitions for championship season, Angels finished behind regional rivals Fairview (3rd with 113) and Erie (6th with 202) both finishing ahead. 

The Girls JV team showed some muscle, with the team packing in runners in places 8, 9, 10 and 11. Senior Evelyn Higgins (22:05) went through the mile in 14th place before establishing herself in 8th by 2 miles and holding on to that through the finish. Senior Bri O’Meara (22:17) ran a similar strategy, going from 15th to 9th by the finish, while junior Avery Ash (22:18) moved up 10th from 20th and ninth grader Mary Clare Nussbaum (22:21) moved up to 11th all the way from 36th. Senior Eleanor Goldstein rounded out the scoring for the team with her 49th place finish in 24:17. The JV Girls finished 3rd of 14 scored teams with 84 points, behind just Mountain Visit with 82 and Fairview with 46. 

Senior Garrett Johnson led the JV Boys, moving up from 54th place at the mile to finish 31st in 19:07, followed closely by sophomore Finley Steed (19:09, 33rd). Senior Charlie Keglovitz moved up from 55th to 41st in 19:25. Freshman Abraham Morginsky (19:50) raced his way to 59th place overall, having been 74th at the mile mark, with junior Finn Egan following closely in 60th in 19:59. The JV boys finished 6th of 22 teams.

The Angels head to three meets this coming week. On Tuesday, East Cross Country travels to the Case Willis golf course for the North Viking Invitational – all but Varsity will likely race at this meet. Then this weekend the Varsity and JV1 teams head to Lawrence Kansas for the Rim Rock Invitational with the JV1 race on Friday and the Varsity on Saturday. The rest of the team will race in the Northfield Nighthawk Invitational at Central Park where some JV runners will have the opportunity to step up to varsity racing. 

North Viking Invite- This Tuesday, Potluck Wednesday

Our next meet is the North Vikings XC Invite @ Willis Case Golf Course on Tuesday 9/20. (Information on who is entered will be posted on Kohuth’s window.)

Dismissal will be right after lunch and will include periods 5, 6, 7.

Directions to Willis Golf Course:

From I-70- Take the Sheridan Blvd exit and head North to 52nd street. You will drive by the Golf Course on your right hand side. Head East on 52nd Ave to Tennyson St. Turn West onto 50th Ave, and make a left at the fork. (Parking will be available at club house or secondary parking on the street)


2:30 pm Boy’s Open Race (unlimited -score Top 5)

3:15 pm Girl’s Open Race (unlimited -score Top 5)

4:00 pm Boy’s Varsity Race (7 runners – Top 5 score)

4:45 pm Girl’s Varsity Race (7runners – Top 5 score)

5:15 pm Awards Ceremony outside the clubhouse (Top 3 males and females will receive awards)

Course Map: //


Unavailability Form: Click HERE if you can’t race at the Viking Invite.

Carpool Form: Click HERE if you need a ride or can take other runners.

Tent Transportation: We need a parent to take the tent from the Viking Meet and bring it to Northfield at Central Park on Saturday 9/24. This should be a parent whose child is not going to Rim Rock, KS.

We then need a parent to take it from Northfield to at Patten in Boulder.

You can sign up HERE.

ATHLETE POTLUCK will be on Wednesday this week, hosted by Quinn and Evelyn Higgins

HATS and QUARTER-ZIP TOPS are available at our store. You can order yours HERE.

St Vrain Invitational | Sat, Sept 17

Arrive at St. Vrain: At least 90 minutes before your race. Earlier than that to cheer on your teammates.

Location and Parking:  Lyons Junior/Senior High School, 100 McConnell Dr, Lyons, CO 80540

Parent Drop Off: Pull into the main drop off circle in front of the school to drop off your athletes. You will then turn left to head back to the 3 way stop sign. Turn left and park at Bohn Park. 

Car Parking: Cars will be directed to Bohn Park first, then into the neighborhoods north and then east of the school. Bohn Park payment is optional during the meet. Please carpool. Space is going to be at a premium. Most of the car parking will be a 5 to 10 minute walk to get to the course.

Handicap/Elderly Parking: School South Parking Lot

Car Pool sign up: If you can give a ride or need a ride, click HERE

Race Schedule:

  • 8:05 National Anthem
  • 8:25 HS Girls Varsity 2A/3A – Run Unlimited, Score 4
  • 9:00 HS Boys Varsity 2A/3A – Run Unlimited, Score 4
  • 9:30 HS Girls Varsity 4A/5A – Run 10, score 5
  • 10:00 2A/3A Varsity Awards in Front of East Grandstand
  • 10:05 HS Boys Varsity 4A/5A – Run 10, score 5
  • 10:30 HS Girls JV/Open
  • 11:05 HS Boys JV/Open
  • 11:35 4A/5A Varsity Awards in Front of the East Grandstand

Course Map: Click HERE

Awards for this year’s meet:

  • Ribbons for the top 25 individuals in the Open and Middle School races
  • Custom T-Shirts for the top 10 individuals in the Varsity Races, ribbons for 1 to 20
  • A plaque for the top team in both divisions, Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity
  • Ribbons for the top 3 teams in the high school varsity divisions

Results will be available at as soon as each race is finished. There will also post a hard copy of the results on the west side of the concession stand.

Unavailability form: If you cannot go to St. Vrain, please let us know by clicking HERE

No dogs allowed on this course. Leave your furry friends at home.

Denver West Cowboy Invite

Denver West Cowboy Classic Recap

With the usual Varsity and JV1 runners preparing for a pair of high profile, highly competitive meets, some East runners without varsity experience got to toe the line in varsity competition, while some JV runners got a chance to score in JV competition for the first time. It has been a few years since East Cross Country has sent its JV into Varsity competition; given how well these runners raced at the Denver West Cowboy Classic, it will happen more often in the right situations. 

The East Angels were led by ninth graders in both Varsity races. For the girls, it was Daniela Maldonado-Ramos who placed 12th overall in 23:42. She was followed closely by sophomore Ella Terch in 13th 23:43. Seniors Eleanor Goldstein and Siena Berry were 15th in 24:04 and 16th in 24:19 respectively. Sophomores Grace Taub and Yelena Konowal closed it out for East with 17th and 19th place finishes of the 52 runners in 24:19 and 24:34. The East Girls were 4th of 6 scored teams with 73 points, just a few points behind 2nd place Rangeview and 3rd place Eagle Ridge. For the Boys Varsity, Abraham Morginsky led the way for the Angels with his 8th place finish in 20:00. Fellow freshman Mason Harper was 10th in 20:11, while sophomore Donovan Aggeler was just 2 seconds back for 12th, finishing alongside junior Carson Lerner who was 13th and a few strides ahead of sophomore Noah Shurz in 14th to close out the scoring. Freshman Isaiah Springer was 22nd in 21:11 and sophomore Ben Parish 23rd in 21:13. The Varsity Boys totaled 57 points for 3rd place of 8 teams, just eight points back of the winning score from Rangeview High School. 

The full depth of East Angels Cross Country was on full display in the JV races. The JV Girls were led by junior Emma Pieracci who finished 6th in 24:55. She was followed by sophomores Rae Tatel and Franny Hebbard in 26:33 and 26:36 for 7th and 8th place and Campbell Hefty in 10th place in 26:39. Senior Lillian McGlothlen came through in 26:56 for 11th. Because the first five runners in the JV Girls race were not on fully scored teams, the Angels ended up with a near perfect team score of 16 points for an easy first place win of the five scored teams. In the Open Boys, sophomore Oliver Gustavson led the Angels with a 4th place finish in 20:32, followed by his classmate Caleb Woodman in 5th in 20:44. Freshmen Kyle Kojima and Liam Taylor were 6th and 13th in 20:55 and 21:55 respectively, while sophomore Ranier Coggins closed out the scoring for the Angels with his 22:19 for 18th place of the 93 runners. The Angels totaled 41 points for the win over 8 other teams in the JV race. 

All of these runners will join their teammates to race at the St. Vrain Invitational on Saturday. Look for many of these runners to be asked to step-up to the Varsity or JV-1 level of competition in the weeks ahead at the North Viking Invitational and the Northfield Nighthawk Invitational.  

Dismissal for Cowboy Classic is at 1:30pm. We need tent volunteers

Please note the change in dismissal time for today’s meet, 1:30pm is the correct time.

Car Pool Sign Up: click HERE Please meet on Detroit St, near the door to the Commons (lunchroom).

HELP: We need a parent to bring the tent to the Cowboy meet and take it to the St. Vrain meet. If you can help, please sign up HERE

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022 

Dismissal from East: 1:30pm

Car Pool Sign Up: click HERE

Races & Times:

  • 3:30 — Coach Meeting (at the Starting/Finish line)
  • 3:45 — Boys Open 5K (unlimited entries – score 5)
  • 4:15 — Girls Open 5K (unlimited entries – score 5)
  • 4:45 — Boys Varsity 5k (seven entries — score 5)
  • 5:15 — Girls Varsity 5k (seven entries — score 5)
  • Awards Ceremony @ 6:15pm

Varsity Girls: Siena, Sophie, Ellie, Yelena, Daniela, Grace Ta and Ella

Varsity Boys: Donovan, Mason, Carson, Abraham, Ben P, Noah and Isaiah

All other runners will run the open races.

Site: Please join us for the Denver West High School Cowboy Classic at Garfield Lake Park, 3600 W Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80219, this year. The course has a combination of mostly concrete, some grass and is FLAT and FAST giving  athletes a confidence boost early in the season.

Course: Denver West Cowboy Classic Course Map

Rules of Competition:  Top five athletes from each team will be used for scoring.  Runners six and seven will be displacers.  In the event of a tie, the winning team will be the team with the highest placing 6th runner. Each team will be assigned a starting box.

Unavailability Form: If you can’t run at the Cowboy Classic, click here for the unavailability form

Liberty Bell Recap and looking ahead

Liberty Bell Invitational

The East Cross Country coaches regularly emphasize that there are not fast courses, just fast runners and they aim to teach that cross country is not about time but about who you beat. But still….Running on a course that puts up little resistance, combined with perfect weather for racing, meant that a lot of personal bests were run on Saturday, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. And with that speed, the Angels beat many good runners as well.

The Varsity Boys ran first on Saturday, lining up against 21 other teams, including three teams that had finished in the top ten in the nation last year, and an additional handful of the top programs in Colorado. The Liberty Bell field is always loaded, and prior to this year, no Angel team had ever finished better than 15th in the elite Sweepstakes division. Liberty Bell is not an easy course to spectate, but the East boys looked to have gotten off the line well. Coming through the mile senior Corbin Hobert was a bit back of 20th place with most of the rest of the Angel pack about 30 places behind. The Angels moved up nicely over the next 2 miles with everyone closing very well. Hobert moved up to 15th place in 15:21, senior Quinn Higgins had a great finish for 42nd place in 15:52, followed by sophomore Jonas Scudamore in 57th in 16:01. Senior Ian Logan and freshman Henry Bennett finished together in 16:07 for 69th and 70th. All of those performances moved those boys further up on the top-10 list of runners in recent East history (at least since 2000). In fact, East now has had five runners run faster already this year than last year’s fastest runner. Personal bests were also run by senior Harry Hittle (128th, 17:08) and junior Kai Luna (143rd, 17:25).  With 218 points, the Angel boys finished 6th of 22 teams, right in the mix of the best programs in the state, and well ahead of Regional rivals Erie High School and Boulder High School, and league competitors South High School and Northfield.

The girls races start just three minutes after the boys, adding a degree of difficulty in getting around the course to see how things develop. For the East Varsity Girls, things developed very well. Sophomore Rosie Mucharsky bettered her personal best and school record of 17:37 by a single second, running 17:36 for 12th place. Junior Grace Todd broke the 19 minute barrier for the first time with her 18:50 for 44th, and fellow junior Sophia Shiroff  brought her top-10 in East history and personal best down to 19:18 with her 57th place finish. Ninth grader Scout Chomas threatened the 20 minute barrier with her 20:01 for 88th, followed by junior Sasha Bull in 98th and 20:15 to close out the East scoring. Ninth grader Julieta Ochoa ran to a personal best 20:40 for 112th and senior Evelyn Higgins ran 21:19 for 137th. The Angel Girls totaled 280 points for a strong 9th place finish – the best Sweepstakes finish ever for any East Girls Team. Like the Boys, they were also ahead of all their Regional and League rivals, including regional nemesis Broomfield High School. The team average time of 19:12 is the fastest in school history.

The JV Boys and Girls went off about 90 minutes later, and personal best times continued coming in abundance. The Boys were led by Connor Beardsley, who ran smartly to move his way up to a 23rd place finish in 17:15. Freshman Tobias Penner and sophomore Ben Brown joined Beardsley in getting under 18 minutes with their 41st and 44th place finishes in 17:48 and 17:54 respectively. Sophomore Finley Steed held on for a 64th place finish in 18:16 and junior Finn Egan completed the scoring for East in 82nd in 18:42. Ninth graders Isaiah Springer and Mason Harper finished nearly together in 19:49 for 118th and 120th.  The JV Boys were 9th of 21 scored teams in the JV Sweepstakes Division.

Ninth grader Kairine Brown and junior Anna Rothman-Haji fought for top-25 finishes in the Girls JV race, finishing 17th and 21st respectively in times of 20:29 and 20:36. Sophomore Lila Cypers also dipped under 21 minutes with her 20:55 for 25th. Senior Helen Miller, junior Avery Ash, and ninth grader Meara McBride finished nearly together in 34th, 35th, and 37th in 20:19, 20:20 and 20:22 respectively, with ninth grader Mary Clare Nussbaum finishing in 20:40 for 52nd of the 140 runners. The East Angel JV Girls were fifth of 20 teams, and not insignificantly, were 48 points ahead of Northfield, avenging an earlier season loss at the JV Girls level.

In the Open races, a couple of seniors led the Angels. For the Boys, Garret Johnson was the first Angel across the line with a time of 19:44 for 21st place. Junior Carson Lerner and sophomore Donovan Aggeler raced together for 56th and 57th and times of 19:35 and 19:37, followed by Sophomores Ben Parish (85th, 20:22) and Noah Shurz (88th, 20:25) and freshman Kyle Kojima (97th, 20:36) in the 250 runner race. For the Girls, it was Bri O’Meara leading the way with a 7th place finish in 20:28. Ninth grader Daniela Maldonado-Ramos improved to a 22:59 with her 32nd place finish, followed by senior Eleanor Goldstein (37th, 23:10) and sophomores Ella Terch (39th, 23:23) and Yelena Konowal (45th, 23:32) in the 220 athlete race.

Coming up is a 2 meet week with the West Cowboy Invitational on Tuesday and the St. Vrain Invitational on Saturday. Cowboy will be a smallish meet and East will run its JV-2 at the Varsity level – and be competitive – while the JV1 and Varsity will focus on Saturday. Everyone will race at St. Vrain. St. Vrain is a large meet on one of Colorado’s most iconic cross country courses – it is a good spectator course and we encourage families to make the drive. It will be every bit as competitive as Liberty Bell, maybe even more so this year; the meet offers the chance for the Angels to go head to head with nearly all of its regional competition in addition to some state and nationally ranked teams.

And remember,

You can volunteer to help move the tent to meets here.

You can get your new quarter-zip top here.

Athlete Potluck this Thursday 9/15 at 528 Humboldt Street 80218

Save the Date: Chipotle Fundraiser Monday Oct 3 from 4-8.

Go Angels!