Race Updates:

Please note the following changes for the boys JV Race.

LB Race Info:

Varsity Races

9:10am Boys Varsity: Corbin, Jonas, Ian, Henry, Quinn, Harrison and Kai

9:13am Girls Varsity: Rosie, Grace, Sophia, Scout, Sasha, Julieta and Evelyn

JV Races

10:45am Boys JV: Connor, Tobias, Ben B, Finley, Finn, Mason and Isaiah

10:48am Girls JV: Anna, Kairine, Lila, Mary Clare, Helen, Avery and Meara

Open Races

11:25am Open Boys: All other boys not listed above

11:28am Open Girls: All other girls not listed above

Friday: Please meet in the back of the auditorium for a quick meeting on Friday, Sept 9 at 3:45pm. Come to the auditorium ready to run and bring a water bottle.

After the meeting, we will have a Fast Friday practice. If you haven’t attended one yet, you will learn what this is.