Workouts for this weekend

Hi Runners!

Great work at the meet today! Here are this weekend’s workouts:

Sat 9/4: Long run 60 – 90 minutes easy running. (no longer than longest run in last 5 weeks)
Sun 9/5: off
Mon 9/6: No official practice – run this workout on your own or arrange to meet-up with teammates.  45 minute maintenance run (25-35 minutes for newer runners) plus 6-8 x 200m uphill sprints .200m hills in East neighborhood: full length of DMNS hill (rather than half we did on Monday); full length of Esplanade; from gazebo to side walk at Cheesman.  

Stay hydrated and get some good sleep this weekend!

Drivers, Thank you for getting runners to the Legacy Meet. We are fortunate to not only have great student runners, but we have awesome support for our team!